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Curriculum Vitae

Annie was trained as a Graphic designer in London at Goldsmith’s College and the London College of Printing. She began her career working as picture editor of the British Journal of Photography, where her lifelong love of photography was nurtured then, whilst raising her children, Annie wrote and illustrated several children’s books, many of which were translated into various foreign languages.

As Annie’s children grew in independence, so did she, travelling increasingly to explore wider horizons. For the last two decades, her real passion has been the Indian subcontinent where she has travelled regularly and extensively, accumulating a large body of photographic work and detailed journals. Annie also takes annual group tours around India and has more recently begun to explore the jungles and tribal longhouses of Borneo, as well as other parts of South East Asia.

Wherever she travels, she prefers to travel alone, preferring rural villages to tourist monuments, and long dusty roads rather than air-conditioned comfort, and her images reflect this love of the detail of daily life and people feeling at home. She has learnt enough Hindi to be able to gossip to people she meets in India, and is rarely happier than when she is in some tiny street market somewhere chatting to the local people. Annie is constantly reassessing her own values as a result of seeing other cultures at such close quarters.

More recently, Annie has extended her artistic portfolio to include printmaking. Her work includes woodcuts, etchings, drypoint prints, paintings and collage. This body of work, standing alongside her photographic images, is her personal and intimate expression, not only of her restless travels, but also of her heightened sense of place in the UK as a result of her frequent homecomings.

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